--> Pump Series
  --> Dosing devices
  single LP and single pump
  single LP and double pump
  double LP and double-pump device
  Double-pump three cans
  --> Inverter Series
  Inverter Series
  --> Filter
  Filter -basket
  filter - T
  --> QS sewage pumping station
  QS sewage pumping station
  --> Volume flow meter series
  Lumbar Flowmeter

  Botou City Huahai Pump Machinery Co., Ltd., located in Botou City Economic and Technological Industrial Park, location and convenient transportation.
   Companies Set Branch, industry, trade, service, which integrates, well-equipped, advanced design, production and testing means complete, product design using CAD and CAPP and international standards, has a very strong research and development capability. Sound quality system, first-class contingent of skilled workers and high-quality professional and technical personnel, sophisticated manufacturing equipment for product quality to provide a strong security, and win customer trust.
  Companies to their advantages in strength to pump the development of the industry, keen to innovate and improve the technological content of products to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Staff unity, progressive, full of youthful vigor, determination technology for the pilot, for the purposes of integrity, providing excellent, the pursuit of excellence.
  The company's products are YCB series arc gear pump, LB series freezer for gear pumps, KCB, 2CY Series gear pump, pump rotor in the Columbia series, ZW series of self-priming centrifugal pump sewage, Monolithic series of self-priming centrifugal pumps, RY series centrifugal heat pump, 3G Series 3 Screw Pump, 2W. W-screw pumps, magnetic drive pump, pump industrial products, Dosing devices, filters, QS sewage pumping station volumetric flowmeter,
   and is widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, power, grain, food, medical, building materials, metallurgy and defense research sectors.
   Other companies also provide customers with high-quality pre-market specialization, in the sale and after-sales service. According to user needs special design requirements of the production pump products, and to contract large pump maintenance products business.
   Welcome new and old customers to Botou City Huahai Pump Machinery Co., Ltd.,!


Tel :0317-5660677 5660751 Fax :0317-8220031
Mobile: 15030781599 Address: Botou City Economic and Technological Industrial Park
E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.qlliju.live
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