--> Pump Series
  --> Dosing devices
  single LP and single pump
  single LP and double pump
  double LP and double-pump device
  Double-pump three cans
  --> Inverter Series
  Inverter Series
  --> Filter
  Filter -basket
  filter - T
  --> QS sewage pumping station
  QS sewage pumping station
  --> Volume flow meter series
  Lumbar Flowmeter
Enterprise goals:
cultivating outstanding talent, build brand credibility with the benefits, first-class enterprise modernization achievements
Business Philosophy:
To efficiency, and as talents for the capital, guided by the market, depending on the quality of life, always concerned about customers, everywhere improve their own market-oriented, be bold challenge to innovation.
Quality concepts:
In the "customer satisfaction" in the pursuit of the process, we are not only committed to product quality control, but also by strengthening internal management services to ensure the quality of the products. Customer-centric, through the active participation of all employees and to close customers and capture the needs of the market, research and development of new products constantly to the quality and service quality, comprehensive meet customer and market demand, expand market share, the company and its customers to grow and develop.
Service concept:
Intentions, perfect, insight into customer demand, exceed customer expectations. Shared interests.
Product idea:
The same benefits to pump mechanical products for users with fluid pump and filtration devices, measurement devices professional firms, the company provides customers with one-stop integrated service delivery pump products from the low viscosity of high viscosity materials to Transportation expected to fully meet the objectives of pressurization. to meet the different needs of different customers.


Tel :0317-5660677 5660751 Fax :0317-8220031
Mobile: 15030781599 Address: Botou City Economic and Technological Industrial Park
E-mail: [email protected] Website: http://www.qlliju.live
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